3D Printing

The story of 3D printing at LIA begins with a discussion in physics class.  Interested students decided to form a club to learn more about 3D printing.  This club came to be known as the Engineering Club.

Over several years, students worked to build and test a Prusa Mendel 3D printer.  This was not an easy process as the students needed to learn many of the underlying concepts of 3D printing such as electronics, software configuration and mechanical assembly.

Having successfully built, configured printed with the Prusa Mendel, LIA students decided to build another 3D printer and donated it to the school - a Prusa i3.

Now, LIA student use the 3D printers to print out parts for use in other projects such as the FRC Robots and the Farmbot.

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FRC Robotics

In 2015, LIA students formed a new robotics team to compete in the FRC Robotics competition - the LIA Kungfu Engineers.  After a successful rookie season, the team has changed its name to Cap Alpaca and has appointed a set of veteran students to lead this year's team.  The team has three sub-groups that meet weekly - the business group, the mechanical group and the software group.

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LIA STEM students build skills to create and innovate, working with new technologies to build devices that were previously not accessible at the secondary school level.

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Powerful Learning Through STEM

A student has the inherent capacity to systematically acquire and apply knowledge and wisdom. This era of history has seen an emphasis of knowledge at the expense of wisdom with disastrous consequences. The STEM Program at LIA provides a platform for students to develop the attitudes, insights and capabilities required to systematically acquire knowledge andwisdom.

Our newly renovated STEM Centre houses a well equipped maker-space and a growing collection of student-built projects:

  • Prusa Mendel i2 3D Printer
  • Prusa i3 3D Printer
  • Farmbot
  • FRC Robot

The interdisciplinary projects of our STEM program have been carefully selected to reflect recent technological developments and offer exposure to learning that is advanced and yet accessible to the motivated secondary school student. Projects are supported through student leadership, team building, connections to the curriculum, project management techniques and visits from outside experts.

Thus, through the processes of our program both inside and outside the classroom, students get opportunities to synthesize knowledge in authentic contexts, understanding thereby the interplay between theory and practice.  Wisdom arises through collaboration with other students and the collective development of a conceptual framework of action, reflection and consultation.  Students find meaning, purpose and motivation when their efforts contribute to a vibrant learning community that increasingly connects with the wider community.

In this way, students realize that each individual can have a profoundly positive impact in the world through working with others to transform a learning community.


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