How to use Eagle to draw a circuit?

Before we decide how to make a electronic devices, draw a circuit should be a good idea. Today I will introduce how to use the circuit-drawing  software, Eagle.

Firstly, we need to open a new program.

Secondly, a motherboard should be made. When we select these battens we can create a layer, the numbers in front of the layers represent its order, the smaller the number is, the higher layer it will be. For example, I choose 20 to represent the motherboard, and use 19 to represents the items on the motherboard, 21 for items under it.

Then we select the RECH batten and select the layer again to draw the motherboard. I suggest to draw a large one.

Thirdly, we need to add some items on the motherboard, like resistors, wires and so on. Select the ADD batten in order to choose the items and their types.

For example, I would like to add some resistors, as a result, I will search “resistor” at the bottom and select the type I like.

Finally, a circuit can be finished by repeating these steps.

And there are some additional suggestion.

The batten marked in red in the picture is used to change the layers more efficiently. The batten marked in blue is for line-drawing.

One thought on “How to use Eagle to draw a circuit?”

  1. This tutorial would be useful for a student starting out with Eagle CAD because it is a rather complex program.

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