The way to test the theremin

When  we finish part of the circuit, there is a simple way to check whether the part of circuit works.


There are several tools that are involved in testing.

  1. Power (input:  AC110/220V  output: DC12V 20A)

2.  speaker

3. universal electric meter




Take the first circuit for example


There is a terminal labeled “+12v”. Connect the terminal(the blue thin line in the picture below) with the positive port of the power, shown as the figure below.


Then, connect 5 terminal that are not labelled with the ground.

Next, connect one end of speaker with the ground and connect the other with a terminal labelled “To mixer input”

Last,  connect the power with the wall plug.


If a changing sound can be heard, the part of circuit works.

Possible issue:

The frequency range of the speaker may be not acceptable by the human ear. We can measure the electric potential between 2 ends of the speaker. If the voltage rading shown on the meter is periodic like a sine function,it also means that the cuicuit is OK.


















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